Tweet Analysis of The #OndoDebate2020

Tweet Analysis of The #OndoDebate2020 btw the Ondo State Governor and APC candidate Rotimi Akeredolu and PDP challenger Eyitayo Jegede (SAN)
which held on Wednesday 7th of Oct. 2020.

Tweets collected were from 12 pm on the 7th of October(Day of the Debate) to 12pm 8th of October 2020.

We got a total of #13,332 tweets over the 24 hour period.

Tweets Distributed by Time

The peak representing a spike in retweets was as a result of
Davido tweets and that of Channels tv among other users Ogbeni Dipo
YemiFash.. between 8–9 pm.

Top Engagements

The image below shows the Twitter users with the highest number of interactions on the Hashtag #OndoDebate2020

This was further broken down into users with the highest original tweets

Highest Retweets

The tweets with the highest retweets belonged to @Channelstv and Davido
Other worthy mentions included @ogbenidipo @TayoJegedeSAN

Mentions of candidates and their party
Different variations of candidate’s nicknames were also factored in during this analysis.
e.g for Eyitayo Jegede — {“Eyitayo”, “Jegede”. “ @TayoJegedeSAN”…}

Eyitayo- 49.5%
Aketi — 13%

{% of Total tweet}

Mention by Party
The PDP got more mentions over APC.

Network Analysis

On conducting the network analysis, 7 Major communities were identified in the hashtag #OndoDebate2020
Here is a graph of the Network with the influential actors.


Doing this, I realized that I’m somewhat limited in Tableau.
A donut chart would have represented some of these wonderfully amongst.

Looking out for analysts with knowledge of #PowerBI to analyze twitter data.
I would be grateful if we can connect so I can learn.

P.S: Hopefully, I’ll be updating this with the results of the Sentiment Analysis.

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