RightsCon which is a summit convened by AccessNow is all about human rights in the digital age.

This is my second rodeo as I attended Rightscon 2020 virtually from Lagos, Nigeria.

Out of the plethora of programs, I focused on Content Moderation and Open Internet, especially in the Global South…

Category: Nigerian romantic comedy

Release Date: 14th February 2021

Number of Tweets Collected: 21,293
Timeframe: February 7th to February 16th, 2021 (Collection still ongoing)


The movie Namaste Wahala which means “Hello Trouble” premiered on Netflix on the 14th of February 2021. This is the first collaboration between Nollywood and Bollywood.

For a Tableau user just transitioning to PowerBI, it’s been challenging.
Switching to Power BI cos of some reasons (mainly Huge FEES), I desperately needed a way to sort my text based on keywords and letters.
Most of my work is text-based.

When categorizing a text column in Tableau, I…

Paul Nnakwe

Social Media Analyst, Researcher and Content Strategist. Content 🤝 Data 🤝 Trends

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